Council Agendas, Reports & Minutes

Council Agendas & Minutes 2023

Council Agenda 20th November 2023

Council Agenda 16th October 2023

Council Agenda 18th September 2023

Council Minutes 18th September 2023

Council Agenda 17th July 2023

Council EGM Agenda 28th June 2023

Council EGM Minutes 28th June 2023

Council Agenda 19th June 2023

Council Minutes 19th June 2023

Council Agenda 15th May 2023

Council Minutes 15th May 2023

Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda 15th May 2023

Annual Parish Council Meeting Minutes 15th May 2023

Council Agenda 17th April 2023

Council EGM Agenda 27th March 2023

Council Agenda 20th March 2023

Council Minutes 20th March 2023

Council EGM Agenda 15th March 2023

Council Agenda 16th January 2023

Council Minutes 16th January 2023

Council Agendas & Minutes 2022

Council Agenda 19th December 2022

Council Minutes 19th December 2022

Council EGM Agenda 24th November 2022

Council EGM Minutes 24th November 2022

Council Agenda 21st November 2022

Council Minutes 21st November 2022

Council Agenda 17th October 2022

Council Minutes 17th October 2022

Council Agenda 15th August 2022

Council Minutes 15th August 2022

Council Agenda 18th July 2022

Council Minutes 18th July 2022

Council Agenda 20th June 2022

Council Minutes 29th June 2022

Council AGM Agenda 16th May 2022

Council AGM Minutes 16th May 2022

Council EGM Agenda 4th May 2022

Council EGM Minutes 4th May 2022

Council Agenda 25th April 2022

Council Minutes 25th April 2022

Council Agenda 21st March 2022

Council Minutes 21st March 2022

Council Agenda 21st February 2022

Council Minutes 21st February 2022

Council Agenda 10th January 2022

Council Minutes 10th January 2022

Council Agendas, Minutes & Reports 2021

Council Agenda 13th December 2021

Council Minutes 13th December 2021

Council Agenda 15th November 2021

Council Minutes 15th November 2021

Council Agenda 18th October 2021

Council Minutes 18th October 2021

Council Agenda 20th September 2021

Council Minutes 20th September 2021

Council Agenda 16th August 2021

Council Minutes 16th August 2021

Council Agenda 19th July 2021

Council Minutes 19th July 2021

Council EGM Agenda 8th July 2021

Council EGM Minutes 8th July 2021

Council Agenda 21st June 2021

Council Minutes 21st June 2021

Council EGM Agenda 3rd June 2021

Council EGM Minutes 3rd June 2021

Council AGM agenda 17th May 2021

Council AGM Minutes 17th May 2019

Council Agenda 4th May 2021

Council report May 2021

Planning report

Draft Terms of Reference Planning Committee

Draft Terms of Reference Community Sports Centre Committee

Council Agenda 19th April 2021

Council report April 2021

Unaudited year end 2020/21

Payment list 16th March 2021 to 31st March 2021

Payment list 1st April 2021 to 31st April 2021

Council Agenda 15th March 2021

Council report March 2021

Council Agenda 1st March 2021

Council Agenda 8th February 2021

Allocation of Council Reserves Report

Budget summary

Revised Council and Committee meeting dates

Council Agenda 25th January 2021

Council Agenda 11th January 2021

Council Budget 2021/22

Council Precept 2021/22

Community Right to Bid report

Hawkhurst Golf Club nomination appendix 1

Metal Detecting Policy

Tunbridge Wells Agreement

Council Agenda 14th December 2020

Council December reports

Complaints Policy

Council EGM Agenda 23rd November 2020

Draft Tunbridge Wells Agreement

Proposed Tunbridge Wells Agreement amendments

Council Agenda 9th November 2020

Councillor IT report

Revised Standing Orders

Council Agenda EGM 19th October 2020

Council Agenda 12th October 2020

Standing Orders October 2020

Council Agenda 14th September 2020

September Reports

Proposed revised 2020/21 Budget appendix 1

Legal entity – appendix 2

Proposed TWBC planning consultation document – appendix 3

Council EGM Agenda – 7th September 2020

Council Agenda 10th August 2020

August Reports

VAT Report

VAT report appendix 1

VAT report appendix 2

Council Agenda  – EGM 28th July 2020

Council Agenda – EGM 20th July 2020

Council Agenda 13th July 2020

Audit Report

Actions and decisions since 8th June 2020

Proposed Fees and Charges

July Reports

Community Grant Applications

Council Agenda 8th June 2020

Delegated actions and decisions – June 2020

Connecting with residents

Management of KGV MUGA

War Memorial Donations

Council Agenda 11th May 2020

Proposed response to planning applications – for consideration

Parish Basic Allowance report

HCSG update report

Delegated actions and decisions – May 2020

Community Right to Bid report

Appendix A TWBC Guidance

Appendix B Fowlers Car Park

Appendix C Northgrove Car Park

Appendix D Oak and Ivy Inn

Council Agenda 14th April 2020

Proposed response to planning applications – for consideration

Remote working protocol report

Hawkhurst Community Support Group update report

Decisions and actions since 18th March 2020

Council Minutes 4th May 2021

Council Minutes 19th April 2021

Council Minutes 15th March 2021

Council Minutes 1st March 2021

Council Minutes 8th February 2021

Council Minutes 25th January 2021

Council Minutes 11th January 2021

Council Agendas & Minutes 2020

Council Minutes 14th December 2020

Council EGM minutes 23rd November 2020

Council Minutes 9th November 2020

Council Minutes 12th October 2020

Council Minutes 14th September 2020

Council Minutes 10th August 2020

Council EGM 28th July 2020

Council EGM 20th July 2020

Council Minutes 13th July 2020

Council Minutes 8th June 2020

Council Minutes 11th May 2020

Council Minutes 14th April 2020

Council Agenda 9th March 2020

Council Agenda 10th February 2020

Council Agenda EGM 21st January 2020

Council Agenda 13th January 2020

2020/21 Budget – Appendix 1

2020/21 Precept – Appendix 2

Reserves – Appendix 3

Investment strategy – Appendix 4

Springfield Appeal Comments

Council minutes 9th March 2020

Council minutes 10th February 2020

Council minutes EGM 21st January 2020

Council minutes 13th January 2020

Council Agendas & Minutes 2019

Council Agenda 9th December 2019

Council Minutes 9th December 2019

Council Agenda 11th November 2019

Council Minutes 11th November 2019

Council EGM agenda 4th November 2019

Council Minutes EGM 4th November 2019

Council Agenda 14th October 2019

Council Minutes 14th October 2019

Council Agenda 9th September 2019

Council Minutes 9th September 2019

Council Agenda Update 12th August 2019

Council Agenda 12th August 2019

Council Minutes 12th August 2019

Council Agenda 8th July 2019

Council Minutes 7th July 2019

Council Agenda 10th June 2019

Council Minutes 10th June 2019

Council Agenda EGM 30th May 2019

Council Minutes 30th May 2019

Council AGM Minutes 13th May 2019

Council Agenda 13th May 2019

Council Minutes 13th May 2019

Council AGM Agenda 13th May 2019

Council Agenda 7th May 2019

Council EGM Minutes 7th May 2019

Council Minutes 8th April 2019

Council Agenda 5th April 2019

Council Minutes 11th March 2019

Council Minutes 11th February 2019

Council Minutes 14th January 2019

Council Agendas & Minutes 2018

Council EGM Minutes 20th December 2018

Council Agenda 10th December 2018

Council Minutes 10th December 2018

Background Papers Proposed Budget 2019 HPC Agenda 10th December 2018

Background Paper proposed precept 2019 HPC Agenda 10th December 2018

Background Paper Grant Report HPC Agenda 10th December 2018

Council Agenda 12th November 2018

Council Minutes 12th November 2018

Council meeting Agenda 8th October 2018

Council Minutes 8th October 2018

Council Agenda 10th September 2018

Council Minutes 10th September 2018

Council Agenda 6th August 2018

Council Minutes 6th August 2018

Council Agenda 9th July 2018

Council Minutes 9th July 2018

Council Agenda 11th June 2018

Council Minutes 11th June 2018

Council AGM Agenda 14th May 2018

Council Agenda 14th May 2018

Council Minutes 14th May 2018

Council Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 8th May 2018

Council Agenda 9th April 2018

Council Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 4th April 2018

Council Agenda 12th March 2018

Council Agenda 12th February 2018

Council Agendas 2017

Council Agenda 8th January 2017

Council Agenda 11th December 2017

Council Agenda 13th November 2017

Council Agenda 9th October 2017

Council Agenda 11th September 2017

Council Agenda 7th August 2017

Council Agenda 10th July 2017

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting adjourned 22.30pm 15th June 2017  to resume on 29th June 2017

Council Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 15th Jun 2017 (postponed from 8th June 2017)

Council Agenda 12th June 2017

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 8th June 2017 Postponed

Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 1st June 2017

Council AGM Agenda 8th May 2017

Council Agenda 8th May 2017

Council Agenda 10th April 2017

Council Agenda 13th March 2017

Council Agenda 13th February 2017

Council Agenda 9th January 2017

Council Agendas 2016

Council Agenda 12th December 2016

Council Agenda 14th November 2016

HPC Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 2th November 2016

Council Agenda 10th October 2016

Hawkhurst PC Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 5th October 2016

Council Agenda 12th September 2016

Council Agenda 1st August 2016

HPC Agenda Extraordinary General Meeting 25th July 2016

Council Agenda 11th July 2016

Council Agenda 13th Jun 2016

Council Agenda 9th May 2016

Council AGM Agenda 9th May 2016

Council Extraordinary General Meeting 25th April 2016

Council Agenda 11th April 2016

Council Agenda 14th March 2016

Council Agenda 8th February 2016

Council Agenda 11th January 2016

Council Agendas 2015

Council Agenda 14th December 2015

HPC Agenda Extraordinary Meeting 30th November 2015

Council Agenda 9th November 2015

Council Agenda 12th October 2015

Council Agenda 14th September 2015

Council Agenda 3rd August 2015

Council Agenda 13th July 2015

Council Agenda 8th June 2015

Council Agenda 11th May 2015

Annual Parish Assembly Agenda 27th April 2015

Council Agenda 13th April 2015

Council Agenda 9th March 2015

Council Agenda 9th February 2015

Council Agenda 12th January 2015

Council Agendas 2014

Council Agenda 8th December 2014

Council Agenda 10th November 2014

Council Agenda 13th October 2014

Council Agenda 8th September 2014

Council Agenda 4th August 2014

Council Agenda 14th July 2014

Council Agenda 9th June 2014

Council AGM Agenda 12th May 2014

Council Agenda 12th May 2014

Council Agenda 14th April 2014