Hawkhurst Parish Council is keen to engage residents in opportunities to participate in consultations which impact on local residents. We will use a mix of online, hard copy surveys and events to engage residents.

Consultation on playground at King George V Playing Field

Creating a playspace inspired by and for the children and families of Hawkhurst

When we build a new community centre up at The Moor, we will first of all need to move and replace the current playground to another space on the playing fields. We’re working towards a new playground in 2021/22 and community centre for 2022/2023. This might seem like a long way away but there’s lots of plans and thinking to get in place and that’s where we need your help.

The purpose of this really short survey is to ask for your views on how you like to play and what an ideal playground at The Moor could look like. The answers to the questions below will feed into an ideas board for a playground designer. We want to create a space that is well-loved and well-used and so – as the children and families of Hawkhurst – YOUR opinions matter.

Once we have received and studied your responses we will put a summary, for everyone to see, on the websites of both the Hawkhurst Parish Council and the Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018 in August 2020.

The survey should only take 5 minutes, so thank you so much for doing this survey.

We look forward to seeing your replies.

  1. What is special to you about Hawkhurst?
  • What do you like NOW about the play areas in Hawkhurst? What else would you like to see?
  • Tell us about the kind of games [not online] that you like to play on your own or with your friends – you can describe it, or you can draw us a picture, or make a model?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to think about?

And one last question – but you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to:

How old are you? Please tick

Under 5 (parent completing): 5-11 (might do with a parent): Over 11

Reply to:

Closing date 31st July 2020

New Community Centre Consultation

Closed on the 1st March 2020

Thank you to all of you who attended presentations, meetings and took the time to respond. Below is the Consultation Feedback Report.

“Community Centre Consultation Feedback Report – March 2020”

Below is general information and the draft plans that will be updated inline with the consultation feedback report.

View of proposed Community Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation Schedule

KGV current site plan

Proposed KGV site plan

Proposed Ground Floor plan

Proposed First Floor plan

Another view of proposed community centre

What Happens Next

We had 90 consultation forms submitted either in hand, at the drop off points, by post or email. Some respondents answered every question, others did not. Some responses had a  number of comments for a particular question.

This included a total of 372 comments, see file. We received one response form on the 3rd  March 2020 after the closing date which was generally against the size of the centre and cost.

Please note out of 372 comments;

200 are being taken forward in the refinement of the design

17 are operational matters and will be considered in the refinement of the business plan

155 are general statements which are acknowledged.

We will come back with a revised design.

Thank you for your comments.


Hawkhurst Parish Council will also seek to use quick surveys to test the views of residents on “hot topics”.

In addition we listen to residents general comments, and where possible act.

You Said – We Did

You said – Can someone clear up the broken glass from the broken public phone boxes

We did – We cleared up the glass – will keep an eye on it until BT remove them

You said – What can you do to improve the general feel of the village

We did – Organised several Litter picks in 2019 and will do so again in 2020. Also hosted a community meeting to look into “Hawkhurst in Bloom” with the community. Watch this space.

You said – Can you sort out the drains

We did – Have lobbied MP, KCC, TWBC Southern Water to take this problem seriously and work together to sort out the drainage in Hawkhurst.

Note, KCC increased drain and gully cleaning to try and help in short term, some success but still some serious problems.

We realise there is far more to do and we will keep on working on your behalf to get the relevant organisations to do the work required.

You said – Can you report abandoned vehicles

We did – Forward vehicle details to Police and KCC who deal with these matters

You said – What are doing about the Rye Road Closure

We did – Took on board your comments and met with the contractors and KCC and argued the Hawkhurst residents and business’ case. Note we were not consulted on the proposed closure, the first we heard about it was when we all heard about it. We are awaiting final details.

You said – Can you paint the entrance signs to the village

We did – painted the entrance signs to the village

You said – Can you trim the verge on Slip Mill Lane / Cranbrook Rd to help the vision

We Did – trimmed the verge

You said – Clean up the village

We did – Organised a litter pick 12th, 13th, and 14th April 2019 – 100 bags of rubbish collected.

You said – Tidy up the village

We did – Appoint a full time caretaker who is painting bus shelters, bollards and trimming back hedges from footpaths

You said – improve reporting of potholes

We did – Upgraded the reporting on our website to support residents to report potholes but we can not report every pothole.

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Consultations 

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in Kent County Council consultations

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in UK Government consultation