Hawkhurst Parish Council is keen to engage residents in opportunities to participate in consultations which impact on local residents. We will use a mix of online, hard copy surveys and events to engage residents.

Hawkhurst Parish Council consultations and feedback / analysis of the consultation will be posted here in due course.

The TWBC draft Local Plan consultation is open until 5pm on Friday 1st November 2019. This is your opportunity to influence TWBC Local Plan.

To view TWBC draft Local Plan

To comment on TWBC draft Local Plan

Hawkhurst Parish Council will also seek to use quick surveys to test the views of residents on “hot topics”.

In addition we listen to residents general comments, and where possible act.

You Said – We Did

You said – What are doing about the Rye Road Closure

We did – Took on board your comments and met with the contractors and KCC and argued the Hawkhurst residents and business’ case. Note we were not consulted on the proposed closure, the first we heard about it was when we all heard about it. We are awaiting final details.

You said – Can you paint the entrance signs to the village

We did – painted the entrance signs to the village

You said – Can you trim the verge on Slip Mill Lane / Cranbrook Rd to help the vision

We Did – trimmed the verge

You said – Clean up the village

We did – Organised a litter pick 12th, 13th, and 14th April 2019 – 100 bags of rubbish collected

You said – Tidy up the village

We did – Appoint a full time caretaker who is painting bus shelters, bollards and trimming back hedges from footpaths

You said – improve reporting of potholes

We did – Upgraded the reporting on our website to support residents to report potholes but we can not report every pothole.

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Consultations 

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in Kent County Council consultations

Here is the link if you are interested in taking part in UK Government consultation