Meet your Parish Councillors

Hawkhurst Parish Council currently has eleven Parish Councillors, we are seeking two more to make up the thirteen Parish Councillors to represent Hawkhurst.

All have a vote at Parish Council meetings and attend at least one Committee meeting.

Hawkhurst Parish Council Chairman
Ms Clare Escombe

Hawkhurst Parish Council Vice Chairman

Mr Martin Taylor – Smith

Cllr Mrs Ros Cory
Cllr Mr John Hunt –

Cllr Mrs Barbara Weeden –
Cllr Mrs Jane Pyne –
Cllr Mr Paul Green –

Cllr Laurence Faulkner –

Cllr Mr David Blake –

Cllr Mrs Lisa Ridley – awaiting information –

Cllr Mr Simon Paish – awaiting information –

Cllr David Lloyd-Owen – awaiting information –

Cllr Michael Anderson – awaiting information –

Parish Office
Parish Clerk Mr Richard Griffiths parish.clerk@ 01580 752058 or 07907 022914
Responsible Financial Officer Ms Anita Maxwell 01580 752058
The Office at the Moor, Hawkhurst Kent TN18 4NT –