Hawkhurst Community and Sports Centre

The Hawkhurst Community and Sports Centre project has been delayed due to the COVID 19 pandemic but we want to remind people of what we have done so far.


Thank you to all of you who attended the presentations and who submitted consultation forms or comments back in 2019/20. The Community Centre Consultation Feedback report is below;

Community Centre Consultation Feedback Report – March 2020

We have taken on board many of the comments and this has changed the design – such as more, small meeting rooms and a larger main hall, we are refining the football pitch layout with the football clubs

The aim is to submit the design for planning in the summer – see the plans below

Overall site plans – note we are refining the football pitch layout with the clubs

Ground floor design

First floor design

We are breaking the project into bit size chunks, and we need your input as we progress in stages.

Stage one Football pitches

  • we are working with the Football clubs and Kent FA to finalise the scheme – can we increase the number of junior pitches?
  • we will then finalise the layout and costs

We will come back to you when we have that detail.

Stage two – playground

  • we are liaising with local young people and parents at the 4th August Play Day to refine the draft playground scheme to ensure we have a playground worthy of Hawkhurst

We will come back to you when we have that detail.

Stage three – building

  • we aim to firm up the technical design on the building
  • this will be the largest cost in the next year or so
  • this will give us far more information to be able to detail the cost and the impact on the precept. The amount you pay to the Parish Council

We will survey the residents to gauge support for building the community and sport centre, or not

General Background information

The current community hall, Copt Hall is beyond economical repair and the village needs a new hall.

We considered a range of locations and know that the preference is near Highgate, however no sites near Highgate are available.

In January 2019 Hawkhurst Parish Council decided to build the new community centre at King George V Playing Field. We then undertook a year of consultation which concluded in early 2020 – see Consultation Feedback Report

Hawkhurst Parish Council will oversee the development and building of the new community sporst centre. Once the new community centre has been built, Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018, an independent community trust, will oversee the day to day operation of the new community centre.

They have already started organising lots of events in the village –Link to Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018

The initial designs for consultation are below;

View of proposed Community Centre

Accommodation Schedule

KGV current site plan

Proposed KGV site plan

Proposed Ground Floor plan

Proposed First Floor plan

Another view of proposed community centre

If you have a question please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

If the answer is not on the FAQ list please email parish.clerk@hawkhurst-pc.gov.uk.

We will regularly update the FAQ.

We will be keep the public informed as the project develops.