Hawkhurst Community and Sports Centre

The Hawkhurst Community and Sports Centre planning application number is 21/03490/FULL the link to the TWBC planning application

You are welcome to submit your comments via the TWBC planning portal by the 14th December 2021.

The actual decision will be made by TWBC planning committee some time in 2022

A phased approach

We are breaking the project into bit size chunks, and we need your input as we progress in stages.

Stage one Football pitches

  • we are working with local Football clubs and Kent FA to finalise the drainage and will be seeking grants and fund raising to deliver the improvements to the pitches.

Stage two – playground

  • we have liaised with local young people and parents and are refining the playground brief to ensure we have a playground worthy of Hawkhurst

Stage three – building

  • This will be the most expensive stage
  • We aim to engage the residents in the summer 2022 – presentations, survey etc to gauge support for building the community and sport centre, or not

General Background information

The current community hall, Copt Hall is beyond economical repair, does not meet the requirements of the village and the village needs a new hall.

We considered a range of locations and know that the preference is near Highgate, however no sites near Highgate are available.

In January 2019 Hawkhurst Parish Council decided to build the new community centre at King George V Playing Field.

We then undertook a year of consultation which concluded in early 2020 – see Consultation Feedback Report

We have continued to engage the residents in the project at various village events and activities

Hawkhurst Parish Council will oversee each phase of the project.

Once the new community centre has been built, Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018, an independent community trust, will oversee the day to day operation of the new community centre.

They have already started organising lots of events in the village –Link to Hawkhurst Community Trust 2018

If you have a question please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

If the answer is not on the FAQ list please email parish.clerk@hawkhurst-pc.gov.uk.

We will regularly update the FAQ.