Hawkhurst celebrates 75th Anniversary of VE Day

stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives –

Hawkhurst residents are pulling together to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Councillor Clare Escombe, chairman, Hawkhurst Parish Council said:

“In Hawkhurst, as elsewhere, we are getting used to “lockdown” but it has only been 5 weeks – image how you would feel after 5 years! That’s how long we worked together in World War II.

So let’s celebrate the collective effort of grandparents, parents, relatives and indeed some of the older members of our community on Friday 8th May 2020.” There are a range of activities to enjoy;

  • Decorate your house in Red, White and Blue
  • Hold a front garden “Garden Party” – 3pm
  • Enjoy a community sing-along – 9pm
  • Art Competition

For further information contact carisbaba@yahoo.co.uk or karenmackelden@gmail.com or phone 07444837029.

In addition, HCSG are also doing a VE Day Children’s Art competition – closing date 5th May 2020 – visit www.hawkhurstcommunitysupport.com/about-10

Councillor Escombe continued “The VE Day events were celebrating ordinary people making extra-ordinary efforts in a common cause, and that is what we as a community are doing now by “staying in, protecting the NHS and saving lives”