High Court to consider White House planning application

Commenting on the High Court’s decision to grant permission for a Judicial Review of the White House planning permission Councillor Clare Escombe, chairman, Hawkhurst Parish Council said:

“We are pleased that the High Court considers that we have an arguable case and have granted permission to proceed with a Judicial Review of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council’s decision to grant planning permission for 43 apartments on the White House site. This was the first hurdle to overcome which only around 25% of all claims pass. It means the case will now be listed for a full hearing in Court later this year”  

Cllr Escombe went on:

“The decision to initiate legal proceedings was not taken lightly. We remain concerned that neither the Borough Council nor the County Council, as highway authority, have to date properly considered the cumulative traffic impact of approving numerous developments on the staggered crossroads at the centre Hawkhurst.  We are cautiously encouraged that since taking this action Kent County Council have indicated that they will be carrying out a proper cumulative assessment in order to inform their position on current and future applications.”

Clare concluded:

“We will not waiver in our pursuit of a better Hawkhurst.  Congestion in the centre of the village is significant and already adversely affects the quality of life for those who live, work and visit our Parish.”