Support our Local Business

stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives –

Hawkhurst residents are pulling together and supporting local business.

Many local businesses have moved to online bookings with delivery or click and collect creating a new model for community shopping.

We want to thank all the local businesses – too numerous to mention all of them – who are helping the Hawkhurst Community Support Group (HCSG) to support the community.

Commenting on the challenges to local business, Councillor Clare Escombe, chairman, Hawkhurst Parish Council said:

“This is a crisis where a flexible approach is key. In Hawkhurst many businesses have taken this approach and the local community should try and support them. The Parish Council is at the heart of efforts to support the community during the current crisis. I have also been overwhelmed by the generosity of local firms who have been supporting the work of the HCSG”

One further aspect is that the Council is landlord for the Kino Cinema.  

As a good landlord the Council, using its emergency decision making powers vested in Cllrs Clare Escombe and Martin Taylor-Smith, has deferred their rent due for next six months.  This combined with the Government funded business rate refund means their fixed costs should hopefully be negligible until restrictions are lifted.  

Cllr Paul Green, who proposed the rent deferral said: “The Kino is a great attraction for the village and is very much part of the community, we want to see them come through the crisis and emerge as a going concern.  We are all in this together and hope that other commercial landlords are able to show similar forbearance to help save our high street for future generations.”

We have also reserved our regular bookings at the Copt Hall and King George V Sports Pavilion for when things get back to normal.

Cllr Escombe concluded “Remember the Government advice about staying in, protecting the NHS and saving lives. Only shop when you have to, but remember “social distancing” advice about staying 2 metres apart.”

For those who cannot shop for themselves then the HCSG can assist

  • just register on-line htps://
  • or phone 01580 453015
  • or email

Together Hawkhurst can beat the virus.