Role of a Parish Council

The core function of a Parish Council is to listen to residents, and along with advice, represent the views of residents.

  1. Hawkhurst Parish Council is one ward, so all thirteen Councillors represent and speak on behalf of the whole Parish.
  2. Full Council meets on the 2nd Monday of every month, at Copt Hall, Copt Hall Avenue. Meetings commence at 7.45, unless otherwise stated.
  3. The Parish Council has following Committees: xx
  4. The Council employs a part time Clerk, a part time Deputy Clerk, a Full Time caretaker and a part time cleaner. They are based at the Parish Council offices in The Office at the Moor, The Moor. The office is normally open 10am – 12 noon Tuesdays to Fridays and the Clerk attends a Parish Surgery at Hawkhurst Library 9:30am – 11 am on Mondays.
  5. The full time caretaker opens and closes the sports pavilion toilets each day and tends to work 8 – 3 pm and part time at weekends.
  6. A casual cleaner is employed to clean Copt Hall and the King George V Sports Pavilion.
  7. The Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council and the Deputy Clerk is the Responsible Financial Officer. They share administration support to the Committees.
  8. The Council has set a precept of £148,347 for the year 2019/20.
  9. The Parish Council is responsible for the following amenity areas: Fowlers Wood, Okley Allotments, Hensil Allotments, Hawkhurst Cemetery, King George V Playing Field, and Heartenoak Playing Fields
    The Parish Council is responsible for the following facilities: Copt Hall, King George V Playing Field Sports pavilion, Victoria Hall – leased to the Kino
  10. The Council is responsible for some footway lighting in Hawkhurst, Village centre planters, hanging baskets and War Memorial
  11. The Council is a statutory consultee for all planning applications. The Council can also lobby the Borough and County Council when necessary.
  12. The Council is seeking grants for a new Multi Use Games Area to upgrade the tennis courts at King George V Playing Field.
  13. Hawkhurst has an adopted Neighbourhood Development Plan, the first in the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council area.
  14. The Parish Council is working on a new community hall project.

Attached is a list of powers, which have been vested in the Parish Council.

The Council can only act within these powers.

The above information is designed to give residents a brief overview of the workings of the Council. It is by no means an exhaustive and further details and information can be obtained from the Clerk.