Role of the Clerk

The Clerk to the Council advises the Council on and assists with the formulation of Council policies and produces all information required for the Council to make effective decisions. The Clerk has the responsibility for ensuring that the instructions of the Council, arising from its functions, are implemented and is responsible for the administration of all functions of the Council.

The Clerk will ensure open and effective communications with residents, Councillors and all key stakeholders and will ensure the annual precept information and paperwork, once approved by the Parish Council, is submitted to the relevant local authority within specified deadlines.

The Clerk advises the Council on legal, statutory and other provisions governing or affecting the running of the Council and ensures they are observed.

The Clerk ensures that health and safety procedures, including risk assessment and insurance obligations are met for all Council activities and properties owned or leased by the Council and monitors and balances the Council’s accounts.

The Clerk keeps all Council policies and procedures up to date ensuring compliance and recommends amendments in line with relevant legislation and guidance. The Clerk monitors the performance of the Council and the implementation of council policies to ensure they are achieving the desired result and where appropriate suggest modifications. Where appropriate the Clerk produces reports for circulation and discussion by the Council.

The Clerk also attends evening meetings of the Council.