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Hawkhurst Community Support Group

For all local information on COVID 19 support and volunteering

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or phone 01580 453015

or email hawkhurstcommunity@gmail.com

Hawkhurst – our community beating the virus together! 

Useful COVID-19 Government and NHS  links

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General NHS C 19 advice 

Current advice on social distancing and protecting older people and caring for vulnerable people.


Parish Council to hold remote Council meeting

Monday 8th June 2020, 7:45pm

The agenda and reports will be posted by Wednesday 3rd June 2020 on – https://hawkhurst-pc.gov.uk/agendas/

========================================================================Hawkhurst in lockdown – picture appeal

The country has taken on a special character in lockdown.  We have all seen the TV pictures of empty city centres, heard bird song more clearly as our once busy roads fall silent, and looked up to the azure blue sky without airline vapour trails.  We have also witnessed great renaissance of community spirit.

We would like to ensure that future generations can see for themselves what life was like in Hawkhurst and the surrounding areas during this time.

So, if you have a picture you think has a story to tell and would like included in a living history project for this time, then do please let us know.  You can send us an email with a description of your pictures to the Parish Clerk at parish.clerk@hawkhurst-pc.gov.uk, or print out you picture and post it to;

Hawkhurst Parish Council, The Office at the Moor, Hawkhurst, Kent Tn18 4NT.

We will follow up all potential contributions after the crisis is over and obtain high-resolution copies for those chosen to go into the village archive.

———————————————————————————————————Closed until further notice

Copt Hall, KGV Sports Pavilion, KGV playground, Heartenoak Playground.

The Parish Office is closed – staff are working from home – email



Hawkhurst Parish Council has cancelled all public events on the Moor and KGV until 1st August 2020. Of course, we will review this in line with Government advice

All Committee meetings – cancelled until further notice.

Annual Parish Assembly – To be rearranged 

Hawkhurst Parish Council elections – Thursday 7th May 2020 – Deferred until May 2021


Check your waste collection dates 

Parish Council Donates PPE to local care homes

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Hawkhurst Parish Council – our community beating the virus together

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