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COVID 19 has not gone away –

stay safe

have the vaccine as soon as you are offered it.

Cases are rising again in the area.

Link to latest COVID 19 information

As a responsible Parish Council we are reminding residents, and visitors alike, that COVID 19 has not gone away. In fact cases are rising in the area.

We suggest you follow the principles below;

Hands – sanitize your hands

Face – Respect others and wear a mask indoors / shops  etc

Space – Protect yourselves, loved ones and others by maintaining a metre plus distance from people you do not share a property with

Parish Council meetings

We have started Council meetings in public at The Copt Hall.

All Councillors and public attending meetings should follow the meeting protocol

  • Wear a mask – you can remove the mask to speak
  • Santize your hands
  • Bring own equipment, refreshments etc
  • We will keep the hall well ventilated
  • We would appreciate it if anyone attending the meeting took a lateral flow test on the day of the meeting

Hawkhurst Parish Council meetings

Hawkhurst Parish Council meeting Monday 20th September 2021


Zoom link

Meeting ID: 875 0279 5691
Passcode: 091819


If you are interested in watching the Planning Inquiry contact Alison Dyson

alison.dyson@planninginspectorate.gov.uk or by phone on 0303 444 5304.

You will need “Teams” on your device

Cllr Clare Escombe. “Hawkhurst Parish Council – Golf Club Inquiry. The Public Inquiry for the Golf Club planning appeal is rapidly approaching. It will start on Monday 6th September. At present, this is scheduled for seven days, although it seems likely that additional dates will be required. The Inquiry will run on the 6th, 8th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 16th and 17th September. If, as expected, additional dates are needed, this is unlikely to be until October. The Inquiry will be a virtual event held using Microsoft Teams. In order to attend the Inquiry, you will need to register with Alison Dyson, the Case Officer, who can be contacted either by email You can register to attend just as an observer, so don’t be put off thinking that you would have to speak. The number of people attending will be one way in which the Inspector can see how important this decision is to Hawkhurst. The Inquiry has been organised into topics as follows: 1. Character and appearance – this relates to the impact on the AONB 2. Connectivity and accessibility 3. Highways safety and traffic congestion 4. Biodiversity 5. Planning balance 6. Viability – this relates to the provision of affordable housing and the “relief” road 7. Housing land supply (if required) 8. Air quality (if required). As a Rule 6 party, HPC and CPHV will be participating in topics 1, 2, 3, 5 and 8. Mike Hibbert of TTHC Ltd will be presenting the Highways evidence on our behalf. I will be the witness for the other topics. All of the Proofs of Evidence are available on the planning portal for anyone that would like to see more detail. The outcome of this Public Inquiry will be hugely significant for the future of Hawkhurst, and I am incredibly grateful for all of the support that we have received as we have prepared for it. Whether you have donated money, written to the Inspector, answered my questions, all of your help and support is very much appreciated. Thank you. For anyone who would like to help further, there are still a few days to register to attend the Inquiry or to make donations via the GoFundMe page – https://uk.gofundme.com/f/campaign-to-protect-hawkhurst-village. Clearly, we cannot control the outcome of the Inquiry, but I think we can say that together we have done our absolute best to protect our village. Thank you, Clare Escombe Chairman, Hawkhurst Parish Council”​

Further information

Hawkhurst PC re Registering for the Appeal Hearing You Tube and More – Please be on MUTE and INVISIBLE.
Hawkhurst PC are making a couple of suggestions re connecting to the daily hearings and more.

The information received via email from Alison Dyson is comprehensive and if you have Windows 10 and Edge it seems fairly straightforward and I just clicked and went straight in and I did not download an app. With other internet providers or Mac etc there is information how to access or if you have an older version of Windows follow the details given, but whatever system you have you should be able to access the proceedings.

Please remember to be on MUTE for sound and vision is OFF. This can cause untold problems with noise for people listening on other devices or even at the hearing. Are team needs to concentrate and not listen to cups chinking or a conversation in the background or even the hoover going, which has happened in the past.

So make sure if you do leave it going during the day that all is OFF.(My personal comment) Make sure you are on MUTE and INVISIBLE. . It should be noted that the numbers of people attending will not have a bearing on the case. They apparently like to see level of interest. This is a long process and we have no idea when each party will be speaking and worth registering at 9.15am for start of proceedings at10am. It has to be during working hours there is nothing that can alter that but I did see that there was a mention of You Tube so may be worth a look on there and catch up on that day or after. I have checked You Tube out and although I do not have specific towns to hand there are inquiries on there that you can watch so maybe worth a look to see if Hawkhurst can be seen in that medium. The added bonus is that you can choose where you start and finish on any particular day. If you do not fancy listening to someone you can move on. This has covered many points which we hope you find useful. It is all trial and error in some cases. Good luck to our Team. Richard Griffiths Clerk to the Council Posted for HPC by JP The Office at The Moor, Hawkhurst, Kent, TN18 4NT. 07907 022914 / 01580 752058 C

If you would like to help, please visit the Campaign to Protect Hawkhurst Village’s GoFundMe page –  https://uk.gofundme.com/f/campaign-to-protect-hawkhurst-village

Thank you.

Hawkhurst Summer of Activities

  • Makers@The Moor – 11th September 2021

Celebrating local talent, a wide variety of makers and crafers selling quality local goods – Further details from


  • Hawkhurst Bonfire 27th November 2021 – (Moor and KGV)

Contact Hawkhurst Gang Bonfire Society visit Https://hgbs.org.uk

Hawkhurst Parish Council Election May 2021.

The 11 residents who stood for election all became “elected” Parish Councillors in an uncontested election

Hawkhurst Parish Councillors from 10th May

Since then David Lloyd-Owen and Michael Anderson have been co-opted onto the Parish Council.

Hawkhurst Parish Council current working arrangements

The office is open, but visits by appointment only.

Monday – Friday 10am – 12noon

Best to email office@hawkhurst-pc.gov.uk or phone the office 01580 752058 or the office

mobile 07907 022914

We value your feedback

Other Council information

Council budget 2021/22

Council budget 2021/22 background information

Council Audit Reports 2019/20

Hawkhurst Parish Newsletter Summer 2021

Hawkhurst Parish Newsletter Spring 2021

Hawkhurst Parish Newsletter Christmas 2020

Hawkhurst Parish Newsletter Autumn 2020

Hawkhurst Parish Newsletter Summer 2020

Reporting Crime and Anti – Social Behaviour.

If anyone has seen a crime or antisocial behaviour please report direct to the Kent Police. They often require a date / time / location / description and photos if you have any.

Air Quality Matters

After years of Hawkhurst Parish Council lobbying Tunbridge Wells Borough Council on air pollution in Hawkhurst, they  have at last identified an issue with air quality in Hawkhurst.

They have set up a dedicated web page for Hawkhurst

This includes Frequently Asked Questions

Hawkhurst Parish Council will continue to push for answers and improvement in air quality, you will soon be consulted by TWBC on an air quality action plan to improve air quality in Hawkhurst. It is important that you take part and make your voice heard.

Hawkhurst Market

1st Saturday of every Month 9am – 12pm in Hawkhurst Golf Club Car Park


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